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DISCLAIMER: If you are having any problem with your oxygen equipment that is causing the oxygen concentrator to display a warning light, contact us 904-379-0408 before attempting to do any service yourself. Never try to fix your concentrator yourself or you may void the warranty on the equipment. Mayhugh’s employs delivery technicians that are available 24/7 to take care of any equipment issues you may be experiencing. 

That said, there are a few things you may be able to do yourself to troubleshoot some typical issues customers sometimes face with oxygen concentrators. 

Your portable oxygen concentrator is designed to deliver oxygen only while you are inhaling. You may have heard this called “Pulse” or “Bolsa”. 

If your oxygen concentrator is not dispensing oxygen try the following steps: 

  1. Be sure the machine is turned on and properly charged  – locate the power button and press until lights on the device turn on and the concentrator motor can be heard running. Be sure there are no warning lights or continuous beeping. If there are any warning lights or alarms sounding, call us to service your equipment 904-379-0408. 
  2. Breathe through your nose – though this may seem obvious, it is easy to forget. Many people breathe through their mouths on a regular basis which will cause most portable concentrators to give a warning alarm which is designed to remind you to take a breath through your nose. The machine is designed to sense when the user inhales in order to dispense the right amount of oxygen. 
  3. Check the tubing – Tubing can easily become kinked or stuck under chair legs from moving around. Check to be sure there are no kinks in tubing. While the machine is on, run your fingers slowly along the length of the tubing to check if any air is escaping from holes that may have formed from regular usage or pets. 
  4. Change out tubing – If the tubing is found to be faulty, change out the tubing with a new one. We typically supply each customer with 3-4 tubing and cannulas. Our suggestion is to replace these every 2 weeks.
  5. Look for error messages on display screen – Take note of any specific error or warning messages being displayed on the screen usually located on the top of the machine. This will help our technicians diagnose any issues with your equipment once we arrive. 
  6. Contact Us – Mayhugh’s is available 24/7. Just call 904-379-0408 to request oxygen service. If a call is made after normal business hours you will be connected to our call service who will alert the on-call delivery tech who will reach out to you based on the information you provide them. Be sure to always give us the best number to reach you as we will need to contact you directly before a driver can be dispatched. If you don’t receive a call back from a driver in a reasonable amount of time (1-2 hours) please call again. You may also try sending us a contact request using our contact form here. Please note: This service is only available to current customers.
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